End-consumers’ Catalogues

"Kiepenkerl Gardening GuideSpring"

This is a real find for end-consumers: around 96 pages of ideas all about the Kiepenkerl seed products, flowering bulbs, onion sets, green fertilisers, lawn seed products and much more. The centre pages contain an overview of the Kiepenkerl spring and summer range. Attractively designed with a wealth of pictures and gardening tips for sowing, planting and propagation.

"Kiepenkerl Gardening Guide Autumn"

“Plant Spring Now” – this is the motto for the Kiepenkerl Autumn / Winter Hobby Gardener’s Catalogue. Here, your customers will find all the Kiepenkerl products they need for a colourful spring garden, such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths & Co., and flowering bulbs such as amaryllis for winter blossom magic are here to be re-discovered in this magazine which will certainly promote sales. Sprouts and “Seeds for your Window Sill” round off the winter range. The centre pages contain a complete list of the Kiepenkerl Autumn / Winter range for a successful sale.

"Kiepenkerl Sowing Guide"

A handy guide all about sowing and activities throughout the gardening year. A sowing calendar for vegetables, herbs and flowers, together with an overview of mixed crops in the vegetable patch round off this illustrated guide. In the Kiepenkerl seed sachet format with European standard punching for presentation on the seed display.

"Kiepenkerl Lawn Guide"

A leaflet full of information on the topic of Kiepenkerl lawn. With tips on selecting the right lawn mix – specially adapted for the desired purpose and, of course, with a wealth of information on proper lawn seeding and lawn care. Format: 297 x 210 mm.

"Kiepenkerl Turf Guide"

Kiepenkerl turf ensures rapid greening. This leaflet will tell your customers everything they need to know about the proper preparation, laying and subsequent care of the turf. Format: 297 x 210 mm.

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